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  • Marta Werner's Radical Scatters: Emily Dickinson's Fragments and Related Texts, 1870-1886, published by the University of Michigan Press, is now available to subscribing institutions.

  • The Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS) Home Page. In 1988, EDIS incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to promote, perpetuate, and enhance the study and appreciation of Emily Dickinson's writings.

    Publications of the Society:

  • The Emily Dickinson Lexicon ed. by Cynthia Hallen, forthcoming Greenwood Press. This volume explores Dickinson's word choice by examining the meanings recorded in Noah Webster's An American Dictionary of the English Language (1844 printing of 1841 ed.) and noting particular resonances to Emily Dickinson's writings.

  • The Dickinson List, edited by Connie Kirk (Mansfield University), is an e-mail subscription list devoted to discussion of the work of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

  • EmMails a listserv devoted to discussion of particular Dickinson poems (usually two per week).

  • The Dickinson Homestead, Home of Emily Dickinson, a National Historic Landmark owned by the Trustees of Amherst College. This site also includes information about the Evergreens, home of Susan and Austin Dickinson, as well as numerous other Dickinson-related sites in Amherst.

  • Emily Dickinson: A Reconsideration -- Judith Johnson's hypertext exploration of Dickinson's Fascicle 33, with an afterward discussing the fascicle's themes and structure.

  • Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers

  • Philip F. Gura's home page displays a newly discovered photograph that may be Emily Dickinson.

  • First held in 2002 and designed to be an annual event, the Emily Dickinson Marathon Reading was inspired by the successful annual Bloomsday reading of James Joyce's Ulysses at Symphony Space and by the performance art of Marshall Weber. Weber, a member of the Booklyn Artists Alliance in Brooklyn, New York, once performed a solo marathon reading of the Bible.

  • Emily Dickinson Online is maintained by Connie Kirk in order to promote the reading, study, and enjoyment of the poems, correspondence, and biographies of Dickinson.