Notes toward a Volume of Emily Dickinson's Writings

Planning Notes
   · Letters to Thomas Higginson
   · Letters to William Hayes Ward

Prefatory Notes
   · "'A spring-tide of intellect- / uality' Pater - "
   · "Flowers love of"
   · "If some day far off I"

Transcriptions of ED's Writing (alphabetical | by Houghton #)
   · "The gleam of an heroic act" (H ST1a)
   · "Beauty crowds me till I die" (H ST1b)
   · "Endanger it, and the Demand" (H ST1c)
   · "To tell the Beauty would decrease" (H ST1d)
   · "Elijah's wagon knew no thill" (H ST1e)
   · "The Blunder is in estimate" (H ST2a)
   · "Volcanoes be in Sicily" (H ST2b)
   · "Of this is Day composed" (H ST2c)
   · "Summer begins to have the look" (H ST3)
   · "Speech is one symptom of affection" (H ST4a)
   · "I see thee clearer for the Grave" (H ST4b)
   · "There is a solitude of space" (H ST5)
   · "The ones that disappeared are / back" (H ST6)
   · "How destitute is he" (H ST7a)
   · "Lightly stepped a yellow star" (H ST7b)
   · "Peril as a Possession" (H ST7c)
   · "Glory is that bright tragic / thing" (H ST7d)
   · "The butterfly obtains" (H ST8a)
   · "The rat is the concisest / tennant" (H ST8b)
   · "Fame is a fickle food" (H ST8c)
   · "The wind drew off" (H ST8d)
   · "Remembrance has a rear and front" (H ST9a)
   · "I know of people in the Grave" (H ST9b)
   · "The Butterfly's Assumption / Gown" (H ST10a)
   · "These are the days that / Reindeer love" (H ST10b)
   · "Today or this noon" (H ST11a)
   · "Judgment is justest" (H ST11b)
   · "I did not reach Thee" (H ST12)
   · "The Sun retired to a cloud" (H ST13a)
   · "I watched her face to see which way" (H ST13b)
   · "He went by sleep that drowsy route -" (H ST13c)
   · "Witchcraft has not a pedigree" (H ST13d)
   · "With sweetness unabated" (H ST13e-14a)
   · "In snow thou comest" (H ST14b)
   · "A word made flesh is seldom" (H ST14c-d)
   · "The Frost of Death was on the / Pane" (H ST15a)
   · "That she forgot me was the / least" (H ST15b)
   · "Guest am I to have" (H ST16a)
   · "Rather arid delight" (H ST16b)
   · "T'is easier to pity those when dead" (H ST16c)
   · "Winter under cultivation" (H ST16d)
   · "Down Time's quaint stream" (H ST16e-17a)
   · "No dreaming can compare with / reality" (H ST17b)
   · "Nature can do no more" (H ST17c)
   · "As we pass Houses musing slow" (H ST17d)
   · "Forever cherished be the tree" (H ST17e)
   · "The event was directly behind / Him" (H ST18a)
   · "If I could tell how glad I was" (H ST18b)
   · "The right to perish might be / thot" (H ST18c)
   · "Sometimes with the Heart" (H ST18d)
   · "The Hills erect their Purple Heads" (H ST18e)
   · "To do a magnanimous thing" (H ST19a)
   · "His mind of man, a secret makes" (H ST19b)
   · "The Look of thee, what is it like" (H ST20a)
   · "They talk as slow as Legends grow" (H ST20b)
   · "Of Yellow was the outer Sky" (H ST20c)
   · "That was a beautiful passage" (H ST20d)
   · "A full-fed rose" (H ST21a)
   · "As one noble act makes a whole" (H ST21b)
   · "Eden is that old-fashioned House" (H ST21c)
   · "A Cap of Lead across / the sky" (H ST21d)
   · "Not Revelation tis that / waits" (H ST22a)
   · "How soft this Prison is" (H ST22b)
   · "Advance is Life's condition" (H ST22c)
   · "The overtakelessness of those" (H ST22d)
   · "When we have ceased to care" (H ST22e)
   · "Count not that far, that can be / had" (H ST23a)
   · "Not any sunny tone" (H ST23b)
   · "To see her is a picture" (H ST23c)
   · "Conferring with myself" (H ST23d)
   · "On this wondrous sea" (H ST23e)
   · "Ho Pilot Ho!" ["On this wondrous sea"] (H ST24)
   · "T'was comfort in her Dying Room" (H ST25a)
   · "A lane of Yellow led the Eye" (H ST25b)
   · "In Winter in my Room" (H ST25c-26a)
   · "On my volcano grows the Grass" (H ST26b)
   · "To their apartment deep" (H ST27)

   · "Besides the autumn, poets sing,"

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