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Collaboration between the poet John Yau and the artist Archie Rand.

Four Pictures by Sophie Hawkes.

  A Faithful Account of Where I Live: The Letters of Cid Corman and William Bronk.
William Bronk and Cid Corman began a correspondence in 1951 that spanned over twenty years, the entire life of Corman's journal, Origin. Presented in this electronic edition is a selection of that correspondence from 1961 - 1973 which highlights Bronk's poetic process and creation of poetic lines, as well as reveals the importance of the friendship to both of them. Accompanied by an introduction by editor David Clippinger.


  Paul Verlaine, by Stuart Merrill, translated by Laird Hunt.
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Also, check out "The Clarity of Fanny Howe's Debut," by Kimberly Lamm, University of Washington.
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