Field Notes -- Rusty Morrison

The flaw on which being presses
—George Oppen

entry 7

—in the valley dusk     grass stills      amblers pause

silhouettes indistinct

turn trees

                  lazy      the messenger of resemblance
or is mind

the reluctance
appeased only when color
                  fleshes every shadow with suggestion

entry 8

——in the off-trail bramble

what rushes in every direction away      is time
a mouth             tonight
                  hidden in ordinary       ordinal gnats

entry 9

——I look too late

no rabbit in the twilit huff of dust      but
animate             is a finding-edge
off the fixity orbit
I can't
phenomenon opens            buries all its guests
is a wall moon slips behind

entry 10

——torn web      capering light      idea

still caught in its object             sky       of every color
truer than memory

coaxing eye
from plot       its refuge
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