Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

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"Arcturus" is his other name.H 23611770
"Boast not" myself "of Tomorrow"Yale708225
"Doth forget / that ever / he heard"H B16800484180
"Egypt - thou / knew'st" -H B2500430178
"Faithful to the end" Amendedprivately owned13861357187
"For Brutus, / as you know"H B3400448179
"Lest any" / HenH B47008520
"Nature" is what / We See -H 293721668089
"Navy" Sunset! / The guest is gold and crimson -H 3874415038
"Remember Me"H 3071208118000
"Sown in dishonor"?H 32115362040
"Thank you" / ebbs - between usH B4300661221
"Wolfe" demanded / during DyingH 37948267800
'Tis not the / swaying frame / we miss -H 360163115970190
A "Pear" to the / Wise is sufficient -H B60007580
A competition in my senseH 22111221051
A Death blow - is / a Life blow -H B8196681600
A Dew sufficed itselfH 22213721437
A Diamond on / ... the HandH 223113111080124
A fresh / MorningH B194007560
A full fed RoseH 2251141115400
A Lady red, amid the HillH 2271377400
A little / Madness in / the SpringH 229135613330183
A little bread, a crust - a crumbH 22813515900
A little over Jordannot extant1455939
A little overflowing wordH 23015011467215
A Mine there is / no Man would ownH 234116211170132
A narrow Fellow / in the GrassH B193109698600
A narrow fellow in the grassnot extant1096986
A poor - torn Heart - a tattered heartH B1751257800
A precious - mouldering pleasure - 'tis -not extant569371
A prompt - executive / Bird is the Jay -H 235102211770159
A slash of Blue - / A sweep of Gray -A 663233204023
A Sparrow tookH 2371257121100
A Spell / cannot be / tatteredH B35006630
A Spider sewed / at Night / Without a LightH 238116311380141
A throe upon the features -H 23910571045
A Wind that / rose thoughH B1901216125900
A wounded Deer - leaps highest -not extant181165
Accept the / Firstling of my / FlockH B115009980
Adventure most unto itselfHarvard817822
Ah' Teneriffe! / Retreating Mountain!H 226752666088
All Circumstances are / the FrameH 231111382000
All I may - if / smallH 23279981900
Alter! When the Hills do -not extant755729
Ambition cannot find him!H 23311568043
Ample make this Bed,A 699804829112
An Hour is a Sea / Between a few, and me -H B7889882500
Are you sureH B1003100
As imperceptibly as griefnot extant9351540
As Watchers hang upon the East,A 653120121051
at Centre of / the Sea -H B17900294103
Away from Home are Some and I -Library of Congress807821
Balm for / Susan's Voice -H B116007090
Besides the autumn poets singA 655123131026
Best Witchcraft / is Geometry / To a magician's / eye -H B2311581158350149
Best Witchcraft isH 252b115811580133
Birthday of / but a single / pangH B155154114886790
Blazing in gold, and quenching in purple,not extant32122868
Bloom upon the / MountainH 24078766700
But Susan is / a Stranger yet -H B6214331400530196
By homely / giftsH 2411611156300
Candor - my / tepid friend -H B1191608153700
Climbing to / reach the / costly HeartsH 38516261566870237
Confirming / All who / AnalyzeH B521303126800
Content of fading / is enough for meH 242888682097
Could I - then - / shut the door -H B12518822023965
Count not that far, that can be hadnot extant11241074
Crisis is sweet and / yet the HeartH 244136514160199
Darling. The feet of people walking homeA 71 (A 70?)16731
Dear Friend. / I regret to informH B176009712
Dear Sue - / A Promise / is firmerH B9100871236
Dear Sue - / God bless you for the bread!H B61002240
Dear Sue - / I could / send youH B4100999250
Dear Sue - / I never / shall see a / RoseH B124009490
Dear Sue - / I should love dearlyH B69002010
Dear Sue - / I was / surprisedH B10200886241
Dear Sue - / I would / have likedH B15300383168
Dear Sue - / I'm thinking / on that other mornH B191192984069
Dear Sue - / If pain for peace prepares -H B1361556300
Dear Sue - / It is / sweet you / are better .H B19000407170
Dear Sue - / Just say one / wordH B8000327128
Dear Sue - / One of / the sweetest / MessagesH B14400909244
Dear Sue - / The Supper / was delicate / and strange -H B66001025252
Dear Sue - / The Vision / of Immortal / LifeH B7900868234
Dear Sue - / Unable are the / Loved - to die -H B18951809305110
Dear Sue - / Your litte / mental gallantriesH B7700856242
Dear Sue - With the exception of Shakespeare, you have told me of more knowledgeH B200757229
Dear Sue, ThanksH L24
Dear Sue. / You cant think / how much I thank youH B98002260
Dear Sue. / Your - Riches - / taught me - poverty!H B4441829925870
Dear Susan, / An untimely / knockH B146008580
Dear Susie - I send / you a little air -H B750013424
Dear Susie - I'm so amused at my own ubiquity that I hardly know what to sayH L410716
Declaiming Waters / none may dread -H B881638159500
Defeat - whets Victory - / they say -H 246283313077
Delayed till she had ceased to knowH 245675800
Distance - is not the Realm of FoxMorgan Library1128115579
Doctor - / How did / you snare Howells?H B17007140
Dont do such / things, dear Sue -H B7000335135
Dropped into the / Ether Acre!H 24728666500
Dust is the only secret -H 24816615300
Emily and all / that she hasH B4200443181
Emily is sorry for / Susan's Day -H B2600625212
Essential Oils are / wrung -H 249772675082
Eternity will / be / Velocity or PauseH B3135412950173
Except the smaller / sizeH 25060610670117
Except to Heaven - she is nought.H 251173154053
Excuse Emily / and her Atoms -H B103007740
Excuse me - Dollie - / The Love a Child can / show - below -A 635285673092
Exhiliration is the BreezeH 252a115711180133
Expanse cannot / be lost -H B911625158400
Experiment to MeH 2531081107300
Exultation is the going / Of an inland soul to seaH 25414376048
Few, yet enoughH B681639159600
Follow wise / OrionH B601569153800
For Death, - or rathernot extant644382
For largest Woman's / Heart I knew -H B28542309074
Frequently the woods are pink -H 25524632
Given in Marriage / unto TheeH 2578188170109
Glowing is her BonnetH 2581067200
Going is less, Sister, / long gone from youH B13500324126
Going to Heaven!H 2591287900
Gratitude - is not / the mention / Of a / TendernessH B5311209890115
Great Hungers / feed themselvesH B36006520
Great StreetsH 2601166115900
Had "Arabi" / only read / LongfellowH B1200768230
Had this one / Day not beenH 261128112530169
Has All - a / codicil?H B18200366156
He fumbles at your Soul / As PlayersH 262477315080
Her - "last Poems" -60031276
Her breast is fit for pearlsA 65112184050
Her Grace is all / she hasH 2649568100106
Her sovreign PeopleSmith College8931139
His Losses madeH 2661602156200
How happy is the little StoneHarvard photostat; Godchaux15701510
How inspiriting / to the clandestine / MindH B11900853227
How lovely / every Solace!H B128001029254
I am sick today, dear Susie, and have not been to churchH L117720
I bet with every / Wind that blewH 268116712150146
I can defeat / the restH B129005820
I cant tell you, but you feel it -H 2691646500
I could not drink / it, SueH B1398168180101
I felt it no / betrayal, Dear -H B15800908243
I fit for them -H 271112911090125
I hav'nt any paper, dear, but faith continues firmH L319429
I have a Bird in springH L174517322
I have been very busy since you went awayH L21172
I have but one thought, Susie, this afternoon of JuneH L29410
I know dear Susie is busy, or she would not forgetH L810314
I know some lonely Houses off the Roadnot extant311289
I must wait / a few DaysH B18100581202
I never hear the word 'Escape'H 2721447700
I never told the buried goldH 2733811036
I reason - / Earth is short - / And Anguish - absolute -H 274403301071
I saw that the Flake was on itH 27513041267
I see thee better in the dark,not extant442611
I send My / Own, two answers -H B18800755228
I send two Sunsets - / Day and I -H B154557308073
I showed her Hights she never saw -H 27634644683
I think that the Root of / the WindH 280129513020174
I was / just writing / these very / wordsH B65001028253
I wept a tear here, Susie, on purpose for youH L5562
I'm just from meeting, Susie, and as I sorely fearedH L1915418
Ideals, are the / Fairy OilH 270101698300
If What we couldGlass540407
Immured in Heaven!Jones Library ; = Parke16281594
In petto - / A Counterfeit -H B157151414530208
Is it true, dear Sue? / Are there two?H B14018921823257
Is this, frostier? Springs - shake the Sills -H B74c12421623862
It passes and we / stay.H 2779628120121
It sifts from Leaden / Sieves -H 278291311075
It stole along / so stealthyH 2791497145700
It was like / a breath from / GibraltarH B8900722226
It's a sorrowful morning Susie - the wind blows and it rains;H L22744
It's hard to wait, dear SusieH B1520013517
Just so - Jesus - raps -H 28226331700
Least Bee that / Brew - / A Honey's WorthH B180878676094
Lest any doubt / that we are gladH B3311911156356154
Like Brooms / of SteelH 2831241125200
Like her the Saints retire -H 2841506000
Like Men and WomenH 285964110500
Like Some Old fashioned / MiracleH B178408302085
Love reckons byH B16381282600
Low at my problem bending -H 2869969044
Mama and / Sister might / like a flowerH B21008570
March is / the Month / of Expectation.H 2871422140400
May I do nothing for my dear Sue?H L26431
Memoirs of Little / Boys that live -H B7200664223
More prudent / to assault the / DawnH B1561527148600
Morning / might come / by AccidentH B9000912246
Morns like these - we parted.privately owned1827
Mrs Delmonico's / things were very / nice -H B4800626214
Musicians wrestling Everywhere!H 289229157
My 'position'! / Cole.H B114002140
My God - He sees / thee - / Shine thy best -H 290116811780160
My Maker - / let me beH B13146314030197
My Sue - / Loo and / Fanny will come / tonightH B19300378147
My Susie's last request; yes, darling, I grant itH L79611
My Turks / will feel at / HomeH B5003450
My Wheel is in the dark.H 2916110035
Nature - sometimes / sears a Sapling -H 292457314078
Never mind / dear -H B3800428172
No Autumn's / intercepting ChillH B1431563151600
No Brigadier / throughout the / yearH 294159615610231
No matter where the Saints abide,not extant15761541
No Other can reduceH 29573898200
No Romance sold / unto / Could so enthrallH 296590669090
No Words / ripple like / Sister's -H B13400913247
Nor myself to Him, / by accent / Forfeit probity.H 297773679096
Not all die early -H 29893799000
Not One by / Heaven defrauded / stay -H 299129613030175
Not what We did, shall be the Test,Y-BRBL972823
Not when we know, / the Power accostsH 300136113350185
Now I lay / thee down to / Sleep -H B221575153900
Of all the SoundsH 30133432100
Of Death / the Sharpest / functionH 302123912090163
Of so divine / a LossH B1841202117900
Oh Matchless / Earth - We / underrateH B4900347150
One need not be / a Chamber -H 304407670091
One Sister have I in our house -H SH151419730
Only Woman / in the WorldH B7600447182
Opinion is a / flitting thingH B261495145500
Our lives are Swiss, / So still - so cool -H 30512980049
Our own / possessions, / though our own -H 306126712080162
Papa Above!privately owned15161
Part to whom / Sue is preciousH B9500393165
Pass to thy / Rendezvous of / LightH B791624156400
Perception of an / object costsH B192110310710118
Perhaps the dear, grieved Heart would open to a flowerH L50869235
Pigmy seraphs - gone astray -A 6349613827
Pink - small - and punctual-Princeton13571332
Please Excuse / Santa ClausH B27007930
Precious Sue - Precious Mattie!H B17300928
Rare to the Rare - Her Sovreign PeopleSmith College336137
Remembrance has a rear and frontnot extant12341182
Reverse cannot befall that fine Prosperitynot extant565395
Safe Despair / it is that / raves -H 308119612430143
Safe in their Alabaster ChambersH B74a12421623860
Savior! I've no one else / to tell -H 309295217067
She died at play - / Gambolled awayH 31014175047
She dwelleth in the / GroundH 31174467100
She sped as Petals from a Rose -897991
She sweeps with / many - colored Brooms -H 31231821900
Show me / EternityH B901658000
Silence is all / we dread.H B1231300125100
Sister / Ned is safe - / Just "serenaded" / HannahH B59 and B147003200
Sister / Our parting / was somewhat / interspersedH B15000392164
Sister of Ophir - / Ah Peru -H B321462136600
Sister spoke / of Springfield -H B8200534209
Sister, / We both are / WomenH B7800312111
So from the mouldH 3131106600
So gay a / Flower / Bereaves the / MindH 314149614560211
So set its' Sun in / TheeH 3159408080105
So sorry for / Sister's hardships -H B16900624213
So sweet and still, and Thee, Oh Susie, what need I moreH L18887
Soil of Flint, if / steady tilled -H 316862681099
Some Arrows / slay but whom / they strikeH B1451666156500
Some Days / retiredH 3181169115700
Some Days retiredH 3171169115700
Some Rainbow - coming from the Fair!H 31916264041
Step lightlyH 3221227118300
Success is counted sweetestH B18911267042
Sue - / "Morning" - means "Milking"H 28819130000
Sue - / Give little Anguish - / Lives - will fret -H 256422310072
Sue - this / is the last / flower -H B5400480194
Sue - to be / lovely as youH B5000584206
Sue - you can go or stay - There is but one alternativeH L174517322
Sue makes / sick DaysH B122003840
Susan - / The sweetest / actsH B5500586204
Susan - / To thank one / for SweetnessH B13800707224
Susan - / Whoever blessesH B3700583203
Susan - I dreamed / of youH B3200585207
Susan - I would / have come out / of EdenH B63006620
Susan is a / vast and sweet / SisterH B700660220
Susan knows / she is a Siren -H B1100554188
Susan's Idolator keeps / a ShrineH B7100325127
Susie - It is a little thing to say how lone it is - anyone can do itH L617619
Susie - You will forgive me, for I never visit.A 7028
Sweet and soft as summer, Darlings, maple trees in bloomH L1417821
Sweet Sue, / There is / no first, or lastH B5600288102
Tell the Susan / who never / forgetsH B10800914248
Thank Sister / with loveH B6700874239
Thank Sue, but / not tonight.H B31003030
Thank Susan / for the lovely / SupperH B92006800
Thank Susan for the / effortH B161002920
Thank the dear little snow flakes, because they fall todayH L9775
Thank you, / dear Sue -H B1010010300
Thank you, dear, for the "Eliot" -H L25456184
Thank you, Sue - / I was glad to / read it -H B142006880
That any / Flower should / be so baseH B10600911245
That Bells should ring, till all should know933947
That Love is all there isnot extant17471765
That my / sweet Sister / remind meH B9700328129
That Susan / lives - is a / UniverseH B14100636219
The Bumble of a Bee - / A Witchcraft, yieldeth / me.H B195217155054
The Butterfly / in honored DustH 3241305124600
The Crickets / sangH 325110411040122
The Day came slow - tillH 32657230400
The Day grew / smallH 3271164114000
The Definition of / BeautyH 3287979880119
The Devil - had he / fidelityH 329151014790218
The difference between / Despair / And FearH 330576305084
The Dust behind / I strove to joinH 3318679370116
The Dust replaced in hoisted Roads -H 332846794
The Duties of the Wind are few -privately owned11601137139
The face I carry with / me - last -A 80-7395336064
The Face we / choose to miss -H 333129311410142
The farthest / Thunder that / I heardH B108166515810248
The Frost of / Death was on the / PaneH 335113011360138
The Future - never spoke -H 33663867200
The healed Heart / shows it's shallow / scarH 337146614400189
The Heart / has many Doors -H 386162315670238
The ignominy / to receive -H B9600467193
The incidents of / Love / Are moreH B160117212480177
The inundation of / the SpringH 338142314250200
The largest FireH 339974111400
The Leaves like / Women interchangeH B187109898700
The long sigh / of the FrogH 340139413590192
The luxury to / apprehendH 3418198150108
The May-Wine. I taste a liquor never brewed,not extant207214
The missing All - / prevented meH 3429959850114
The Moon upon / her fluent RouteH 343157415280217
The morns are meeker than they were -H 3443212037
The murmuring of / BeesH 345114211150130
The One who couldH 34654930700
The overtakelessness of thoseH ST22d894169193
The Overtakelessness of ThosePrinceton8941691
The Props assist the / HouseH 34772911420145
The Rat / is the / concisest / Tenant.H 348136913560186
The robin is the onenot extant501828
The Sea said "Come" to the Brook,not extant12751210
The Sleeping. Safe in their alabaster chambers,not extant12421659
The Solaces / of TheftH B9005800
The Soul selectsH B1634093030104
The Soul that hath a GuestY-BRBL592674
The Soul unto itself / Is an imperial friend -A 690579683086
The Soul's Superior / instantsH 350630306087
The Stars / are oldH 3511242124900
The Suburbs / of a SecretH 3521171124500
The sun kept stooping - stooping - low -Morgan Library18215252
The sun shines warm, dear SusieH L1610213
The Sweets of / Pillage, can be knownH 353150414700216
The things of / which we want / the proofH B2000334134
The Treason / of an AccentH 355138813580191
The Wind begun to / knead the GrassH 3567968240153
The Wind did'nt comeH 35749431600
The Work of / HerH B1471159114300
The World / hath not / known herH B148001024251
There came a day at summer's fullnot extant32532281
there is a June / when Corn is cutH B16181193000
There is a word / Which bears a swordH 349428033
There is another Lonelinessnot extant11381116131
These are the days when Birds come back -A 654122130025
They are cleaning house today, SusieH L20939
This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and LadiesA 651090813
Those final Creatures, - who they are -not extant17461766
Those not live / yet / Who doubtH 358148614540210
Though the / Great Waters / sleepH B1581641159900
Thro' lane it lay - thro' bramble -H 359439034
Through the straight pass of suffering,not extant187792
Title divine, is mine.H 36119410720120
To be alive, is / power - / Existence - in itself -H 362876677095
To be Susan / is ImaginationH B5100855233
To learn the transport thro' the pain -H 363178167
To lose what we / never ownedH B600429176
To love thee, year by year,not extant618434
To miss you, Sue, / is power.H B18400364158
To my Father - ... / Sleep is supposed to beH B12735131980
To own a / Susan of / my ownH B414361401531195
To pile like / Thunder to / its' closeH 364135312470140
To see you / unfits for staler / meetings.H B1000346157
To take away our / SueH B18500333144
To the faithful Absence is condensed presence.Yale587205
To the stanch / DustH 3651434140200
To wane / without / disparagementH B541416139000
Too cold is this / To warm with Sun -H 366113711350136
Trifles - like / Life - and / the SunH B9900427171
Trust is better / than ContractH B10700365155
Twice, when / I had Red / Flowers outH B14500938240
Two - were immortal - twice -Morgan Library855800100
Two Lengths / has every Day -H 367135412950173
Ungained - it may / be / By a Life's low Venture -H 368724680098
We do not know the time / we lose -H B159113911060123
We like March.H 36911941213
We meet / no Stranger / but Ourself.H B5700348151
We miss Her, not / because We see -H 37077199300
We pass, and / she - abides -H 3717988110107
We should not mind so small a flower -H 372828100
We spy the / ForestsH 3731102109700
Were it not for the weather SusieH B13100381
Were not Day / of itself memo-/rableH B800349152
When Cerements - let / go -H B191192984069
When Etna / basks and purrsH 37411611146066
When I hoped, / I feared - / Since I hopedH 37559411810161
Where we / owe but a / littleH B9300541201
White as an / Indian PipeH B401193125000
Who is it seeks / my Pillow NightsH 376164015980249
Who never lost, is / unpreparedH 37713673046
Who were / "the Father and / the Son"H 378128012580148
Whose cheek is this?H B186488200
Will my great / Sister acceptH B2400854232
Will Susan - please lend / Emily -H B1330023156
Will Susan lend / Emily a little / more AlchimyH B29007990
Will you be kind to me, Susie? I am naughty and crossH L13856
Will you forgive me, Susie, I cannot stay away;H L1570
Will you let me come dear Susie - looking just as I doH L10733
Wish I had / something vitalH B88009100
Without the / annual partingH B12300397167
Write! Comrade - write! / On this wondrous seaH B733410515
You must let me / go first, SueH B16200306113