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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 110

MANUSCRIPT: AC. Ink. Dated: Sabbath evening. Postmarked: Amherst Ms Mar 28. An attempt has been made to erase "Sue" in the second paragraph above the signature.

PUBLICATION: L (1931) 109-110, in part; Home 271-273, entire.

The salutation "Oliver" may be an oblique congratulation on Austin's recent and still secret engagement to Sue, suggested by Oliver's comment on his love for Celia (As You Like It, V, ii):" . . . my sudden wooing . . . her sudden consenting." ED applies the name again in letter no. 113. The letter from Austin to which this is a reply had enclosed a poem of his own composition, and the "Variations of Greenville" may allude to it. On the whole she treats his verses with more politeness than enthusiasm. Benjamin Newton died at Worcester, 24 March 1853 (see letter no. 153). Johnnie Beston was a youthful handyman; so probably was David Smith.

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