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19, 21 March 1854

I have just come from meeting, Austin - Mr Luke Sweetser presided, and young Mr Hallock made a prayer which I dont doubt you heard in Cambridge - It was really very audible - Mr Dwight was not there - Sue did not go - Temple Linnell sat by me - I asked her if she was engaged to Sam Fiske, and she said no, so you can tell Mrs Jones she was slightly mistaken. Have you had a pleasant day, Austin? Have you been to meeting today? We have had a lovely Sunday, and have thought of you very much. Mr Dwight preached all day. Mr Williston and [William S.] Clark were at our church this morning - There was a letter read from the Congregational c'h in Washington - D C, requesting the company of the Pastor and a Delegate, at the ordination of that Rev Mr Duncan, who was so much admired by Father when he was at home before - Father was chosen Delegate, but whether Mr Dwight will go or not, I dont know -

Tuesday morning -

Austin - I had'nt time to finish my note Sunday night - I shall do so now - Received your note last evening, and laughed all night till now - You must not be so facetious - It will never do. Susie was here when the note arrived, and we just sat and screamed. I shall keep the letter always. Marcia is here this morning - the work goes briskly on -

We are almost beside ourselves with business, and company - "Lysander" has not yet been called- Emmons spent Friday evening here. I went with Cousin John last evening to call on Sue - stayed till most 11 - and had a splendid time - Sue seemed her very finest - She sends this little note.

Was at Mr Dwight's yesterday - they had a great deal to say about you and Susie and how happy Vinnie and I must be to have such a beau[tiful sister?]

We had two letters from Father last night - one to mother and one to me - I shall telegraph to him soon! Charlie sings every day - Everybody admires him - You must tell Aunt Lavinia -

How did Mr Bourne bear the announcement that both the black eyes were disposed of? It must have been quite a shock to him. Mrs Noyes has gone home - Helped us a great deal - Cenith has just arrived, so between her and "Judah" and Marcia and Miss Cooly, I guess the folks will go - Cousin John is going to stay here at night when they are away, and wants to know quite eagerly "when it is to come off." I am glad you have got settled and are not afraid of ghosts. You must have pleasant times with Clark.

We all send our love to you - Wont you write soon about John White - He is anxious to know, and Mrs Mack wants very much to have him come in there. Good bye Austin - Great hurrah - Remember us always to Clark -

Emily -

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