letters from dickinson to austin dickinson

summer 1854

Dear Austin.

Your letter came - I have just come from Sue's - I suppose you did'nt expect to hear from me today, as you saw Sue yesterday. I sat with her some time tonight. She is better and gaining - seemed quite like herself tonight - talked a good deal; and laughed.

Several had been in to see her this afternoon - Mr Dwight - Abbie Wood and Emeline - I guess Mr Dwight knows you have gone - he called to inquire for her yesterday, and went in to see her today - You had better come hum and shoot him. Such liberties towards "a man," when a man is gone away, are not to be tolerted! I gave your note to Mrs Cutler - She told me to tell you from her, that Sue had eaten chicken broth twice today, and had a chicken leg - She designs eating a wing tomorrow - and Mrs Cutler wished me to tell you that she thought she would soon be off. I tell you just as she told me - dont know whether it's to be understood literally or figuratively - cant tell - you must act according to your best judgment. I think it's rather a serious thing to be an affianced being - I dont want to frighten you - still, when I think it over, it seems no trifling matter. They all allude to you as to a missing Saint, from whose serener presence suddenly called to remove, and as none of them speak of you, or of your noble acts, without plentiful tears, I have considerable work to arrange my emotions. Mrs. Cutler sends word also, that the package came today, safely. As she did not allude to the contents - I naturally conclude that it contained a Bear - derive much satisfaction from contemplating my shrewdness - Hope "Self and wife" will always be so "uniform" - hope I give no offense - Had a letter from father yesterday - well and in excellent spirits. Today has been very fine - Little Pat is in rotary motion. I will attend to the Horse - am going to spend tomorrow forenoon with Sue - Must'nt write any more - Come as soon as your business is over - glad you took care of the Newman's - Dont forget the guano - What did you think of Joe Howard's wife?

Vinnie will write you a note, if she concludes her exercises in the morning. Love from all.

Good night - Emily.

P.S - For home read hum. For Mrs C - Miss Williams -

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