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20 June 1852

Your last letter to us, Austin, was very short and very unsatisfying - we do not feel this week that we have heard anything from you for a very great while, and father's absence, besides, makes us all very lonely.

I infer from what you said, that my last letter did'nt suit you, and you tried to write as bad a one as you possible could, to pay me for it; but before I began to write, Vinnie said she was going to, and I must'nt write any news, as she was depending upon it to make her letter of, so I merely talked away as I should if we'd been together, leaving all the matter o'fact to our practical sister Vinnie - well, we had calls Sunday evening, until too late to write, and Vinnie was sound asleep when the mail went out in the morning. I was determined to send you my letter, that very day, so Vinnie's note of news, for which I had starved my own, is as yet unwritten. We have looked every day for a long letter from you, and really felt sadly enough when Saturday came without it. I should have written you sooner, but we have had Miss Bangs cutting dresses for us this week, and have been very busy, so I could'nt possibly write, but we have all thought of you, and that is better than writing. Father has not got home, and we dont know when to expect him. We had a letter from him yesterday, but he did'nt say when he should come. He writes that "he should think the whole world was there, and some from other worlds" - he says he meets a great many old friends and acquaintances, and forms a great many new ones - he writes in very fine spirits, and says he enjoys himself very much. I think it will do him the very most good of anything in the world, and I do feel happy to have father at last, among men who sympathize with him, and know what he really is. I wish you could have gone with him, you would have enjoyed it so, but I did'nt much suppose that selfish old school would let you. Father writes that he's called on Sue, twice, and found her very glad to see him. She will be home in a fortnight - only think of that!

Mattie gets along nicely - she sends her love to you - she is down here most every day. Abby Wood had a little party, week before last - a very pleasant one. Last week, the Senior Levee came off at the President's. Vinnie went to the Levee, and I went to walk with Emmons. Vinnie had a nice time - said everything went off pleasantly, and very much as usual. I believe Prof. Haven is to give one soon - and there is to be a Reception at Prof. Tyler's, next Tuesday eveing, which I shall attend. You see Amherst is growing lively, and by the time you come, everything will be in a buzz.

Uncle Samuel's family are here, boarding at Mr Palmer's. Uncle Samuel was here himself, about a week, and is now in New York. Arthur, the oldest one, is going to work on a farm this summer, so as to grow stout and strong, before entering college. Porter Cowles is going to take him. Mr Bowdoin is here still - comes round with the news every day - he has formed quite a fancy for Mat, since Mary became so feeble - has called on her two or three times, been to walk with her once, and walked home with her from the President's. Mat smiles and looks very peculiarly when we mention Mr. Bowdoin. I hav'nt seen Mary Warner since you went away - the last time I heard of her, she had Thurston and Benjamin, weeding her flower garden. That's romantic, is'nt it - she better have her heart wed, before she weeds her garden!

As father has'nt come, Mother cant say certainly how soon you will see her in Boston; just as soon as he comes, she will go, tho, and we shall let you know. She has got her new teeth in, and I think they look very nicely. We all send you our love.


I hope you will write me a letter as soon as you possibly can.

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