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Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 161

MANUSCRIPTS: There are two, both written about 1860. That reproduced above (Bingham) was sent to Samuel Bowles, and is signed "Emily." It is a variant (in lines 4 and 6) of the copy in packet 14 (H 72b), where it is titled by ED "Pine Bough."

A feather from the Whippowil
That everlasting sings -
Whose Galleries are Sunrise -
Whose Stanzas, are the Springs -

Whose Emerald Nest - the Ages spin -
With mellow - murmuring Thread -
Whose Beryl Egg, what School-Boys hunt -
In "Recess," Overhead!

PUBLICATION: Letters (ed. 1894), 219; (ed. 1931), 205; also LL (1924), 266: the copy to Bowles. The packet copy, lacking the title and stanza division, is in FP (1929), 199, with one word altered:

4. Springs] spring

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