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Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 329

MANUSCRIPTS: There are two, both written about 1862. That reproduced above (Bingham), signed "Emily -," was sent to Samuel Bowles. It is a redaction of the semifinal draft in packet 84 (Bingham 27c).

So glad we are - a stranger'd deem
'Twas sorry - that we were -
For where the Holiday - should be
There publishes - a Tear.

Nor how Ourselves be justified -
Since Grief and Joy are done
So similar - an Optizan
Could not discern between -

4. publishes] Bustles but
8. discern] conclude - / decide -

One of the changes suggested for line 8 ("decide") is adopted. "Optizan" is evidently a "made word," presumably meaning one skilled in the science of optics.

PUBLICATION: The copy to Bowles is in Letters (ed. 1894), 209; (ed. 1931), 198; also LL (1924), 236.

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