letters from dickinson to bowles

To Mr. Samuel Bowles
From ED

early 1862

Dear friend.

If I amaze[d] your kindness - My Love is my only apology. To the people of "Chillon" - this - is enoug[h] I have met - no othe[rs.] Would you - ask le[ss] for your Queen - M[r] Bowles?

Then - I mistake - [my] scale - To Da[?] 'tis daily - to be gran[ted] and not a "Sunday Su[m] [En]closed - is my [d]efence -

[F]orgive the Gills that ask for Air - if it is harm - to breathe!

To "thank" you - [s]hames my thought!

[Sh]ould you but fail [at] - Sea -
[In] sight of me -
[Or] doomed lie -
[Ne]xt Sun - to die -
[O]r rap - at Paradise - unheard
I'd harass God
Until he let [you] in!


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