letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

late March 1862

Dear friend.

Will you be kind to Austin - again? And would you be kinder than sometimes - and put the name - on - too - He tells me to tell you - He could not thank you - Austin is disappointed - He expected to see you - today -

He is sure you wont go to Sea - without first speaking to Him. I presume if Emily and Vinnie knew of his writing - they would entreat Him to ask you - not -

Austin is chilled - by Frazer's murder - He says - his Brain keeps saying over "Frazer is killed" - "Frazer is killed," just as Father told it - to Him. Two or three words of lead - that dropped so deep, they keep weighing -

Tell Austin - how to get over them!

He is very sorry you are not better - He cares for you - when at the Office - and afterwards - too - at Home - and sometimes - wakes at night, with a worry for you - he did'nt finish - quite - by Day - He would not like it - that I betrayed Him - so you'll never tell. And I must betray Sue - too -

Do not think it dishonorable -

I found out - accidentally - that she - was trying to find out - if you had a little Drinking Flask - to take abroad with you - I would like to serve - Sue - and if you will tell me by Monday's mail - whether you have one - and promise me - for her sake - not to get one - if you hav'nt - I can fix the telling her -

Mary sent beautiful flowers. Did she tell - you?

Austin hopes his errand will not tire you.

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