letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

mid-November 1862

Dear friend.

Had We the Art like You - to endow so many, by just recovering our Health, 'twould give us tender pride - nor could we keep the news - but carry it to you - who seem to us own it most.

So few that live - have life - it seems of quick importance - not one of those - escape by Death. And since you gave us Fear - Congratulate us - for Ourselves - you give us safer - Peace.

How extraordinary that Life's large Population contain so few of power to us - and those - a vivid species - who leave no mode - like Tyrian Dye.

Remembering those Minorities - permit our gratitude for you - We ask that you be cautious - for many sakes - excelling Our's. To recapitulate the Stars - were useless as supreme. Yourself is Your's - dear friend - but ceded - is it not - to here and there a minor Life? Do not defraud These - for Gold - may be bought - and Purple - may be bought - but the sale of the Spirit - never did occur.

Do not yet work. No Public so exorbitant of Any - as it's Friend - and we can wait your Health.

Besides - there is an idleness - more Tonic than toil.

The loss by Sickness - was it loss -
Or that Etherial Gain -
You earned by measuring the Grave -
Then - measuring the Sun.

Be sure, dear friend, for Want - you have Estates of Lives.


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