letters from dickinson to emily fowler ford

early 1853?

Dear Emily,

I said when the Barber came, I would save you a little ringlet, and fulfilling my promise, I send you one today. I shall never give you anything again that will be half so full of sunshine as this wee lock of hair, but I wish no hue more sombre might ever fall to you.

All your gifts should be rainbows, if I owned half the skies, and but a bit of sea to furnish raindrops for me. Dear Emily - this is all - It will serve to make you remember me when locks are crisp and gray, and the quiet cap, and the spectacles, and "John Anderson my Joe" are all that is left of me.

I must have one of yours - Please spare me a little lock sometime when you have your scissors, and there is one to spare.

Your very aff
Emilie -

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