letters from dickinson to higginson

spring 1876

Dear friend.

Your thought is so serious and captivating, that it leaves one stronger and weaker too, the Fine of Delight.

Of it's bliss to yourself, we are ignorant, though you first teach us "that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit" -

It is still as distinct as Paradise - the opening your first Book -

It was Mansions - Nations - Kinsmen - too- to me -

I sued the News - yet feared - the News
That such a Realm could be -
"The House not made with Hands" it was -
Thrown open wide to me -

I had long heard of an Orchis before I found one, when a child, but the first clutch of the stem is as vivid now, as the Bog that bore it- so truthful is transport - Though inaudible to you, I have long thanked you.

Silence' oblation to the Ear supersedes sound-
Sweetest of Renowns to remain

Your Scholar -

Is your friend better?

And yourself, well?

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