letters from dickinson to higginson

spring 1876

I am glad to have been of joy to your friend, even incidentally, and greedy for the supplement of so sweet a privilege. I hope that you had a happy trip, and became refreshed. Labor might fatigue, though it is Action's rest.

The things we thought that we should do
We other things have done
But those peculiar industries
Have never been begun-

The Lands we thought that we should seek
When large enough to run
By Speculation ceded
To Speculation's Son-

The Heaven, in which we hoped to pause
When Discipline was done
Untenable to Logic
But possibly the one-

I am glad you remember the "Meadow Grass."

That forestalls fiction.

I was always told that conjecture surpassed Discovery, but it must have been spoken in caricature, for it is not true-

The long sigh of the Frog
Upon a Summer's Day
Enacts intoxication
Upon the Passer by.

But his receding Swell
Substantiates a Peace
That makes the Ear inordinate
For corporal release-

     Would you but guide
          Your scholar

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