poems sent by dickinson to elizabeth holland

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BULLET"I have a Bird in spring" (P 5)
BULLET"Baffled for just a day or two -" (P 17)
BULLET"As by the dead we love to sit," (P 88)
BULLET"Tho' my destiny be Fustian -" (P 163)
BULLET"The Day undressed - Herself -" (P 716)
BULLET"Away from Home are some and I -" (P 821)
BULLET"The Wind begun to knead the Grass-" (P 824)
BULLET"Truth - is as old as God -" (P 836)
BULLET"Not all die early, dying young -" (P 990)
BULLET"Count not that far that can be had," (P 1074)
BULLET"The Sky is low - the Clouds are mean." (P 1075)
BULLET"At Half past Three, a single Bird" (P 1084)
BULLET"The Life we have is very great." (P 1162)
BULLET"Longing is like the Seed" (P 1255)
BULLET"The most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met" (P 1265)
BULLET"When Memory is full" (P 1266)
BULLET"A little Madness in the Spring" (P 1333)
BULLET"How soft this Prison is" (P 1334)
BULLET"Nature assigns the Sun -" (P 1336)
BULLET"Summer laid her simple Hat" (P 1363)
BULLET""Tomorrow" - whose location" (P 1367)
BULLET"These held their Wick above the West -" (P 1390)
BULLET"She laid her docile Crescent down" (P 1396)
BULLET"Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles -" (P 1405)
BULLET"No Passenger was known to flee -" (P 1406)
BULLET"The Road to Paradise is plain," (P 1491)
BULLET"An Antiquated Tree" (P 1514)
BULLET"The Things that never can come back, are several -" (P 1515)
BULLET"No Autumn's intercepting Chill" (P 1516)
BULLET"How much of Source escapes with thee -" (P 1517)
BULLET"To see her is a Picture -" (P 1568)
BULLET"The Clock strikes one that just struck two -" (P 1569)
BULLET"Forever honored be the Tree" (P 1570)
BULLET"Quite empty, quite at rest," (P 1606)
BULLET"Within that little Hive" (P 1607)

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