letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 179

MANUSCRIPT: missing.

PUBLICATION: L (1894) 162-164; LL 190-191; L (1931) 160- 161; LH 40-42, dated (presumably by ED): Philadelphia.

Congress adjourned on Sunday, March 4, and Edward Dickinson arrived home presumably on Wednesday. (On Tuesday, March 6, Susan Gilbert wrote her brother Dwight, mentioning Mr. Dickinson and saying: "I suppose he will be home Wednesday." HCL - Dickinson collection). One conjectures that the girls left Washington with their father, who say them in Philadelphia, then continued home. They remained as guests in Philadelphia of Mrs. and Mrs. Coleman and their daughter Eliza, an early friend of ED's. The Colemans were members of the Arch Street Presbyterian Church, of which the Reverend Charles Wadsworth was the pastor.

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