letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 181

MANUSCRIPT: missing.

PUBLICATION: L (1894) 164-165; LL 193; L (1931) 161- 162; LH 44-45, dated (presumably by ED): Saturday Eve.

On 17 October 1855 Dr. Holland inserted an advertisement in the Springfieled Republican offering his present house for sale. This letter answers one from him which evidently comments on his new house. Little Kate, the Holland's second child, has just recovered from a serious illness. (Mrs. Holland, in writing to Mrs. Todd in 1893, when the latter was preparing the letters for publication [AB 193], stated that Kate's illness was in the summer and autumn of 1854, but since ED's letter brings the two items of new together, it is apparent that Mrs. Holland miscalculated the date.) Ann Manning's The Maiden and the Married Life of Mary Powell (1852) is described by the publishers as "a nicely drawn and more poetical version" of the story of John Milton's first wife.

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