letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early March 1866

. . . the Sere.

Febuary passed like a Skate and I know March. Here is the "light" the Stranger said "was not on land or sea." Myself could arrest it but we'll not chagrin Him. Ned has been ill for a Week, maturing all our faces. He rides his Rocking-Horse today, though looking apparitional.

His Mama just called, leaving a Cashmere print.

Cousin Peter told me the Doctor would address Commencement. Trusting it insure you both for Papa's Fete, I endowed Peter.

We do not always know the source of the smile that flows to us. Ned tells us that the Clock purrs and the Kitten ticks. He inherits his Uncle Emily's ardor for that lie.

My flowers are near and foreign, and I have but to cross the florr to stand in the Spice Isles.

The Wind blows gay today and the Jays bark like Blue Terriers. I tell you what I see. The Landscape of the Spirit requires a lung, but no Tongue. I hold you few I love, till my heart is red as Febuary and purple as March.

Hand for the Doctor.


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