letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early January 1871

I have a fear I did not thank you for the thoughtful Candy.

Could you conscientiously dispel it by saying that I did?

Generous little Sister!

I will protect the Thimble till it reaches Home -

Even the Thimble has it's Nest!

The Parting I tried to smuggle resulted in quite a Mob at last! The Fence is the only Sanctuary. That no one invades because no one suspects it.

Why the Thief ingredient accompanies all Sweetness Darwin does not tell us.

Each expiring Secret leaves an Heir, distracting still.

Our unfinished interview like the Cloth of Dreams, cheapens other fabrics.

That Possession fairest lies that is least possest.

Transport's mighty price is no more than he is worth -

Would we sell him for it? That is all his Test.

Dont affront the Eyes -

Little Despots govern worst.

Vinnie leaves me Monday - Spare me your remembrance whil I buffet Life and Time without -


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