letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

about 1872

That so trifling a Creature grieve any I could hardly suppose - though with Love all things are possible.

Thanking you tenderly as a child for a sweet favor I can never go. This will not retard my place in Affection will it?

I shall still be mentioned when the children come?

Some must seem a Traitor, not because it is, but it's Truth belie it.

Andre had not died had he lived Today.

Only Love can wound -

Only Love assist the Wound.

Worthier let us be of this Ample Creature.

If my Crescent fail you, try me in the Moon -

This will make no difference in the daily dearness?

You will keep the same Face and myself no other Heart, with the slight repairs Thought and Nature make.

In adequate Music there is a Major and a Minor -

Good Night - I am going to sleep if the Rat permit me - I hear him singing now to the Tune of a Nut.

I could wish to know, be it by a Trifle, that you name me still.


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