letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early summer 1873

I was thinking of thanking you for the kindness to Vinnie.

She has no Father and Mother but me and I have no Parents but her.

She has been very happy and returns with her Sentiments at rest.

Enclosed please find my gratitude.

You remember the imperceptible has no external Face.

Vinnie says you are most illustrious and dwell in Paradise. I have never believed the latter to be superhuman site.

Eden, always eligible, is peculiarly so this noon. It would please you to see how intimate the Meadows are with Sun. Besides -

The most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met
Embarked upon a twig today
And till Dominion set
I famish to behold so eminent a sight
And sang for nothing scrutable
But intimate Delight.
Retired, and resumed his transitive Estate -
To what delicious Accident
Does finest Glory fit!

While the Clergyman tells Father and Vinnie that "this Corruptible shall put on Incorruption" - it has already done so and they go defrauded.

          Emily -

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