letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

autumn 1873

Little Sister.

I miss your childlike Voice -

I miss your Heroism.

I feel that I lose combinedly a Soldier and a Bird.

I trust that you experience a trifling destitution.

Thank you for having been.

These timid Elixirs are obtained too seldom.

Thank you for every Patience. You won the love of all, even a sweet remark from Austin, in itself an achievement.

I am glad "the Jessamine lived."

To live is Endowment. It puts me in mind of that singular Verse in the Revelations - "Every several Gate was of one Pearl."

Little Sister - Good Night - I am sure you went.

Parting is one of the exactions of a Mortal Life. It is bleak - like Dying, but occurs more times.

To escape the former, some invite the last. The Giant in the Human Heart was never met outside.

The Sun came out when you were gone.

I chid him for delay -

He said we had not needed him. Oh prying Sun!

Love for Doctor.


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