letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

May 1874

Little Sister.

I hope you are safe and distinguished. Is the latter the former? Experience makes me no reply.

Nature begins to work and I am assisting her a little, when I can be spared.

It is pleasant to work for so noble a Person.

Vinnie and "Pat" are abetting the Farm in Papa's absence. A Triumph of Schemes, if not of Executions. Pat is as abnegating as a Dromedary and I fear will find his Lot as unique.

When you were here - there were Flowers and there are Flowers now, but those were the Nosegays of Twilight and these - are the Nosegays of Dawn -

It is plain that some one has been asleep!

Suffer Rip - Van Winkle!

Vinnie says Maggie is "Cleaning House." I should not have suspected it, but the Bible directs that the "Left Hand" circumvent the Right!

We are to have another "Circus," and again the Procession from Algiers will pass the Chamber-Window.

The Minor toys of the Year are alike, but the Major - are different.

But the dimensions of each subject admonish me to leave it.           Emily.

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