letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early 1877

Will my little Sister excuse me?

"Douglass, Douglass, tender and true" who never swindled me! I am ashamed and sorry. I meant hypothetic tomorrows - though are there any other?

I deserve to be punished. I am - in regret.

Austin said he should write you, and that Sue w'd too - but he is too overcharged with care, and Sue with scintillation, and I fear they have not -

Austin was pleased and surprised, that you wished for him, and still hopes he may go, but not now - but "Beyond," as the Vane says - You remember Little Nell's Grandfather leaned on his Cane on the Knoll that contained her, with "She will come tomorrow." That was the kind of Tomorrow I meant -

I hope I have not tired "Sweetest Eyes were ever seen," for whose beloved Acts, both revealed and covert, I am each Day more fondly, their Possessor's Own -

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