letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

about March 1877


The vitality of your syllables compensates for their infrequency. There is not so much Life as talk of Life, as a general thing. Had we the firs intimation of the Definition of Life, the calmest of us would be Lunatics!

Austin described his call in his own way, which was of course inimitable.

I hope those young Men have supports of the Gospel, though that is a dim Elixir, in cases like their's.

Austin said he was much ashamed of Mattie - and she was much ashamed of him, she imparted to us. They are a weird couple.

I am glad if you love your Clergyman, though the error to love our's has cost us severely.

God seems much more friendly through a hearty Lens.

There is a Dove in the Street and I own beautiful Mud - so I know Summer is coming. I was always attached to Mud, because of what it typifies - also, perhaps, a Child's tie to primeval Pies.

Vinnie put on fresh Cheeks three times, for the Doctor - but I thought I should have time to change mine, after he came -

As it proved, I did.

I hope you are both safe and in sweet health, and that at some stage of my swift career, I shall again meet you.

We but our own immoral Mortals, as with us as Nature, we should demand few Alms.


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