letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

September 1877

I miss my little Sanctuary and her redeeming ways. A Savior in a Nut, is sweeter to the grasp than ponderous Perspectives.

Come again, and go not - which when a faithful invitation, is the sweetest known!

Mother pines for you, and says you were "so social." Mother misses power to ramble to her Neighbors - and the stale inflation of the minor News.

I wish the Sky and she had been better friends, for that is "sociability" that is fine and deathless.

How precious Thought and Speech are! "A present so divine," was in a Hymn they used to sing when I went to Church.

Vinnie talks of you -

Your cheerful view of Woe remodeled her's, I think - and Maggie deems you a Mistress most to be desired.

You see each looks at you through her specific Vista.

There is not yet Frost, and Vinnie's Garden from the Door looks like a Pond, with Sunset on it.

Bathing in that heals her.

How simple is Bethesda!

Love to your World - or Worlds.

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