letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early 1878

Your sweet Face alighted in the Rain, with it's Smile unharmed - All was there but Breath, and even that seemed optional - it was so confiding. Thank you for coming Home -

"Home - sweet Home" - Austin's Baby sings - "there is not place like Home - 'tis too - over to Aunt Vinnie's"

Thank you for Dr Gray's Opinion - that is peace - to us. I am sorry your Doctor is not well. I fear he has "improved" too many "shining Hours."

Give my love to him, and tell him the "Bee" is a reckless Guide. Dear Mr Bowles found out too late, that Vitality costs itself.

How mournful without him! I often heard the Students sing - delicious Summer nights, "I've seen around me fall - like Leaves in wintry weather" - This was what they meant -

You kindly ask for Mother's health.

It is tranquil, though triflling. She reads a little - sleeps much - chats - perhaps - most of all - about nothing momentous, but things vital to her - and reminds one of Hawthorne's blameless Shop - that forgot the Port -

Vinnie is better - though sober - Maggie - invulnerable, and loyal to you - Ned has brought his Hens to live in our Hen House, which adds to our little Group.

Three is scant Assembly, but Love makes "One to carry -" as the Children say -

That is all of my Learning that I recall.


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