letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

about March 1878

Dear Sister.

I take Mrs Browning's little Basket to bring the note to you - and when you find it is not her, you will be disappointed, but there is many a discipline before we obtain Heaven - Your little Note protected, as it always does, and the "Whips of time" felt a long way off.

Your little Trip still lingers, for is not all petite you do - you are such a Linnet?

Vinnie was much elated by your rogueries. She thinks you are stealthy as Talleyrand -

We learn of you in the Papers and of your new House, of which it is said there will be a Portrait - "so I shall see it in just three Days," though I would rather see it's vital inhabitants.

I gave your words to Ned - who bowed and seemed much raised -

Baby does all the errands now - and I enclose a Circular, setting forth his wants.

To see the little Missionary starting his Basket, would warm the chillest Heart.

I know you will do what I ask you, and so I only thank you, and make no outer remarks.


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