letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

June 1878

I thought it was you, little Chocolate Sister - but Vinnie demurred - and Vinnie decides. I said "let me thank her conditionally" - "No" - said Vinnie - "'twould be remorse - provided it were not her -" and so we guessed and sighed and nibbled and propounded - and felt how base we were - until the Doctor's note.

The Bonbons were delightful, but better than Bonbons was the love - for that is the basis of Bonbons. And in all the confusion to think of us - Loyal little Sister - the Bird going South - is not so mindful of the Birds behind. To never forget you - is all we can -

That is how faint a Stipend -

The Doctor's Pun was happy - How lovely are the wiles of the Worlds!

We thought you cherisehd Bryant, and spoke of you immediately when we heard his fate - if Immortality be Fate.

Dear friends - we cannot believe each other. I suppose there are depths in every Consciousness, from which we cannot rescue ourselves - to which none can go with us - which represent to us Mortally - the Adventure of Death -

How unspeakbly sweet and solemn - that whatever await us of Doom or Home, we are mentally permanent.

"It is finished" can never be said of us.

I am glad of your bright Home -

I hope you are well - you did not tell me - Thank you peculiarly sweetly - With grief for the eyes only, happy for your happiness,


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