letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early January 1879

The lovely little Bronzes in the Lace House - came just as I had written you -

The deference to my predilection pleased and smote me too.

I am glad you are not hung - like the "Mollie Maguires," tho' doubltess heinous as themselves - in a sweet way -

Austin's Baby says when surprised by statements -"There's - sumthn - else - there's - Bumbul - Beese."

God's little Blond Blessing - we have long deemed you, and hope his so called "Will" - will not compel him to revoke you.

The "rectification of his Frontier," costs the earth too much -

Vinnie and I watch Mother, which makes the Days too short - till we wear the same Heart - Day and Night, and wash our Hand with our Tongue as the Pussy does - I shall not write again for a few moments, which will defray your cares - Vinnie wants to write, but was it "Atlas'" fault the World was on his Shoulders?

Mother and Sister give their love, and let my own preponderate -


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