letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early December 1880

Yes, Little Sister - we "thought of you" and had not quite finished, but shall resume at intervals, while you live, and we -

I trust the "Hand" has "ceased from troubling" - it has saved too many to be assailed by an "envious sliver -"

Had we known the Doctor was falling, we had been much alarmed, though Grace - perhaps - is the only hight from which falling is fatal -

Each of us wish the Doctor were stronger - three importunities, tell him, to recover immediately.

The Snow is so white and sudden it seems almost like a Change of Heart - though I dont mean a "Conversion" - I mean a Revolution.

We had a timid Thanksgiving together - Mother did'nt cry much, which pleased us very much - but the Sweet of the Day was in sending a Crumb to a poor fluttering Life, a few Boughs from our own, which will soon pass from our privilege -

The dying of your Kinsman Root, has bereaved the Village - He was exceedingly cherished by both Townsmen and Scholars - and thirteen Cars of Comrades take him Home next Tuesday.

The career of a Taper, I infer, though I never met him -

Austin is much won by his dying - he only knew him technically, till Election Day - when a few moments of sudden honor disclosed his farther Nature - There was great effort to save him, but the "Life saving Service" was impotent -

I trust we are grateful for the Life that sees - and steps - and touches, if it is only the thrilling preface to supremer things - Very lovely in Little Sister to transfer the particulars - Am not unmindful of the Dew or it's fervent circuit -


          Emily -

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