letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

28 December 1880

Was it the Brother -

Was it the Sister -

Was it the Two One - the conflicting Numeral? Not in this instance conflicting - Oh No. Cupid forbid!

The Honey reached us yesterday -

Honey not born of Bee - but Constancy - which is "far better -" I can scarcely tell you the sweetness it woke, nor the sweetness it stilled -

Grieving for "George Eliot" - grieved for Dr. Smith, our Family Savior, living Fingers that are left, have a strange warmth -

It is deept to live to experience "And there was no more Sea" - the Fathom though is a daily one and traversed by the simplest Child - I hope you are both hopeful -

My Two give you their love, and my part of one, her docile respects -

I trust Doctor is stronger.

"As thy Day so shall thy Strength be" is an elastic ratio.

Please "consider" me - An antique request, though in behalf of Lilies -


          Emily -

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