letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early January 1881

Sister Golconda must look very burnished in her Christmas Gifts, and the bashful Gem that the Scripture enjoins, "a meek and lowly Spirit," must be quite obscured - but one must clad demurely to please the Scripture's taste, a very plain Old Gentleman, with few Expenses out -

Your sweet light-hearted manner informed me more than statements, that the Doctor was better - the inferential Knowledge - the distinctest one, and I congratulate you - and not omit ourselves -

How sweet the "Life that now is," and how rugged to leave it - and ruggeder to stay behind when our Dear go -

A Little Boy ran away from Amherst a few Days ago, and when asked where he was going, relpied, "Vermont or Asia." Many of us go farther. My pathetic Crusoe -

Vinnie had four Pussies for Christmas Gifts - and two from her Maker, previous, making six, in toto, and finding Assassins for them, is my stealthy Aim - Mother, we think unchanged - Vinnie's ideal "Irons" in the ideal "Fire" and me, prancing between - a Gymnastic Destiny -

Vails of Kamtchatka dim the Rose - in my Puritan Garden, and as a farther stimulus, I had an Eclipse of the Sun a few Mornings ago, but every Crape is charmed -

I knew a Bird that would sing as firm in the centre of Dissolution, as in it's Father's nest -

Phenix, or the Robin?

While I leave you to guess, I will take Mother her Tea -


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