letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early 1881

A Letter was lying warm in my Pocket for my Little Sister, when her Letter came, but had delayed a Night for Vinnie, as is the melancholy case in many instances - I feel so punctual hearted I think I cannot wait, but an appeal from Vinnie, and I will sit in Love's Back Seat, and let the Horses walk -

I am glad that the dear Doctor has the Angel Wife, and not the Bride of Socrates to frown at tired Strength and make the weakness lonely - and Prudence is a tedious one, and needs beguiling - too - "Give me Liberty or give me Death" has a willful meaning - but never mind the "Liberty" for a few wise Days, then Doctor can "go Barefoot," and rollick with the best of us -

You always seemed to me like David and Goliath, and if Goliath is not as strong, David is needed more, but David is competent - in his - her - small pathetic Hands, there is strength for both - The latent Sinew of the Love is faithful when 'tis called, and let it lurk till then -

I ask Mother "what message" she sends - She says, "Tell them I wish I could take them both in my Arms and carry them -"

I never before have heard her speak so - those were the very words -

Will you let me take hold of your Hand to lead this little Note to the Mal?

Keeping you and the Doctor in beloved thought - you know who I am -

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