letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

late summer 1881

Dear Sister,

What must you have thought that no one wrote? My Will did write immediately, but friends who were boarding at the Hotel claimed evey [**SIC gss] moment that Duty could give till this Moment's Mail -

Thank you for apprizing us of the sweet Disaster in your family, which I trust you will meet as you meet all, with sunny heroism - and present our beatific congratulations to Annie. The impulse to write her myself, is strong as gravitation, but I know how busy the Heart is when it is very busy, and think it unkind to disturb her - Cupid still drives the Pink Coupe he did when we were Children, though I fear his affecting toils are not what Mrs Micawber would call "remunerative -" I rejoice that Annie is happy -

To flee from the "Family Tree" is an innocation, but Birds are predatory - I am glad that you feel so sweetly toward the invading powers -

If the "Ark of the Lord" must be "taken," one has a choice in the Foe.

Your picture of Doctor was very ensnaring, but I remembered my rectitudes - though Vinnie, even at this distance, is captivated by the Dog -

Fascination is portable.

Today is parched and handsome, though the Grass is the color of Statesmen's Shoes, and only the Butterfly rises to the situation -

His little Body glistens with crispness - an ell of rapture to an inch of Wing -

I hope my little Sister is well, and her Best better, and be sure we are glad of the Happiness and each give it our love -


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