letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

October 1881

After a while, dear, you will remember that there is a heaven - but you can't now. Jesus will excuse it. He will remember his shorn lamb.

The lost one was on such childlike terms with the Father in Heaven. He has passed from confiding to comprehending - perhaps but a step.

The safety of a beloved lost is the first anguish. With you, that is peace.

I shall never forget the Doctor's prayer, my first morning with you - so simple, so believing. That God must be a friend - that was a different God - and I almost felt warmer myself, in the midst of a tie so sunshiny.

I am yearning to know if he knew he was fleeing - if he spoke to you. Dare I ask if he suffered? Some one will tell me a very little, when they have the strength. . . Cling tight to the hearts that will not let you fall.


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