letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

late November 1881


I wanted to read the dear Articles slowly - one by one - and alone - as under the circumstances each one of them seemed an interview with the Departed - but that was unpermitted - so I snatched a Line at a time - taking it with me as I worked, and then returning for another - time - taking it with me as I worked, and then returning for another -

Each is true - and more - and so warmly lifelike, it almost gives a diffidence, like admiration of a friend in his tender presence.

I have rarely seen so sincere a modesty on a mature Cheek as on Dr Holland's - and one almost feels an intrusiveness in procaliming him, lest it profane his simplicity.

It was nearly Morning, last Night, when I went to my Rookm from the loved perusal, and when I laid it in the Drawer, the Telegram of the Heavenly Flight was close beside without design.

It shall always remain there - nearest us - in the Room to the East Father loved the most, and where I bade the Doctor Good Night, that November Morning - He put one Hand on Vinnie's Head and the other on mine, and his Heart on your's. as we both knew, and said that the Sunshine and the Scene he should always remember.

No Autumn's intercepting Chill
Appalls that Tropic Breast -
But African Exuberance
And Asiatic Rest.

Poor "Little Child Wife"!


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