letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

after Christmas 1882

Sweet Sister,

The lovely recollection - the thought of those that cannot "taste" - of one tho whose faint Bed all Boons were brought before revealed, made the sweet Package mighty - It came so long it knows the way and almost comes itself, like Nature's faithful Blossoms whom no one summons but themselves, Magics of Constancy -

The Fiction of "Santa Claus" always reminds me of the reply to my early question of "Who made the Bible" - "Holy Men moved by the Holy Ghost," and though I have now ceased my investigations, the Solution is insufficient -

Santa Claus, though illustrates - Revelation

But a Book is only the Heart's Portrait - every Page a Pulse -

Thank you for the protecting words - The petit Shepherd would find us but a startled flock, not an unloving one -

Remember me to your Possessions, in whom I have a tender claim, and take sweet care of the small Life, fervor has made great - deathless as Emerson's "Squirrel" -

Vinnie gives her love and will write, if a Lady goes away who is calling here - Maggie prized your remembrance - Austin seldom calls - I am glad you were glad to see him - He visits rarely as Gabriel -

          Emily -

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