letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early 1883

Dear friend,

We were very sorrowful for the illness of the Gentleman with the long Name, and it must have been a bleak Holiday for your loved Kate - Would it be chivalrous to say, we rejoice it was "Bleeker"? And for Katrina's Eyes, Camoens is sorry -

We hope "Mr-Bridegroom" is better, as Gilbert calls those sacred ones, and that the Eyes relent - May it not be the glazed Light which the Snows make, for with us they are falling always now, and the last is faithful for three Days, an inclement constancy -

Could I thank you for all the sweetness at once, it would deprive me of the joy of thanking you again, which I so much covet - Of the Christmas Munificence two Acorns remain - Those I shall save for Seed, and I know they will bloom by another Christmas - Mother's Christmas Gift of another Life is just as stupendous to us now, as the Morning it came - All other Surprise is at last monotonous, but the Death of the Loved is all moments - now - Love has but one Date - "The first of April" "Today, Yesterday, and Forever" -

"Can Trouble dwell with April Days?"
"Of Love that never found it's earthly close, what sequel?"

Both in the same Book - in the same Hymn - Excuse your Mourning

          Emily -

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