letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

summer 1883?

The immediate and accurate loveliness deserved an immediate reply, but I have been hoping all the Days to hear from my poor friend, who I fear has taken fright anew, and gone to Dr. Agnew. She has been much in our family, assisting in many crises, and was it not crisis all the time, in our hurrying Home? The support of a Mother, an almost imbecile Husband and two very sweet little Girls, hangs upon her Needle, so her sight is not luxury, but necessity -

Father valued her much, often befriending her, and I love to fulfill the kindness only Death suspends -

Forgive the personality. It seemed inevitable, and thank you again for the full sweetness, to which as to a Reservoir, the smaller Waters go. What a beautiful Word 'Waters" is! When I slept in the Pond and ate Seraphs for Breakfast, I thought I should know all about it now, but "Now" comes, and I dont -

I hear you are feasting on Army Worms, Canker Worms, and Cut Worms, and envy you your Salad -

We had a gallant Rain last Night, the first for many Days, and the Road is full of little Mirrors, at which the Grass adorns itself, when Nobody is seeing - reminding me of an instance similar, "Turn though mine Eyes away from beholding Vanity!"

     Love of us each -

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