letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

late September 1883

Dear One,

No one had told me your Sister had died - I sweetly remember her on my first Visit to you - a tender-timid face, with the appealing look that the ones have, who do not hear entirely -

Perhaps the Brother called her -

"The Kingdom and the Power" may not have filled a Sister's place - For this new solitude to you I am freshly grieved. Would that a few familiar Lips might be left to you, now the best have stopped!

We read with deep affection of the dear Doctor's Emblem - in the Republican - proud that each farthest reach of Love had been ratified - I hope he thinks of us - I am glad you are in the open Air - That is nearest Heaven -

The first Abode "not made with Hands" entices to the second -

I have thought of you with peculiar urgency for the last few days. Said a rude but wondering Mind to me, a Carpenter at work here, "I cant tell how it is, but there are influences."

Even my Puritan Spirit "gangs" sometimes "aglay -"

Sweetest Love for Kate, and Annie when you see her, and say with "Heathcliff" to little Katrina - "Oh Cathie - Cathie!"

Theodore probably witnessed nothing so "royal" as himself, of which with warm remembrance convince him - Vinnie gives her Heart and Maggie her love, though how do the gifts vary? And I, consign myself to you and find the Nest sufficient - Take faithful care of the dear health and flee no sudden day from your dependent

          Emily -

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