letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

early 1884

The Organ is moaning - the Bells are bowing, I ask Vinnie what time it is, and she says it is Sunday, so I tell my Pencil to make no noise, and we will go to the House of a Friend "Weeks off," as Dombey said - Your flight from the "Sewer" reminded me of the "Mill on the Floss," though "Maggie Tulliver" was missing, and had she been there, her Destiny could not have been packed in the "Bath Tub," though Baby's may be as darkly sweet in the Future running to meet her -

How quickly a House can be deserted, and your infinite inference that the "Soul's por Cottage" may lose it's Tenant so, was vaster than you thought, and still overtakes me -

How few suggestions germinate!

I shall make Wine Jelly Tonight and send you a Tumbler in the Letter, if the Letter consents, a Fabric sometimes obdurate -

It is warm you are better, and was very cold all the while you were will -

Baby's flight will embellish History with Gilpin's and Revere's -

With love untold,

          Your Emily -

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