letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

February 1885

Dear Sister,

Horace, the wise, but acrid Man who so long lived with us, was pleased to say what displeased him, "I hate it, I despise it," and I feel and animadversion similar to the Rheumatism - To wring your shoulder, how brutal, how malign!

Were Revenge accessible, I would surely wreak it, but that, like all the rest of us, is an Apparition -

I trust he will discontinue you for something more befitting - I shall then seek the "Letter" which the "Weird Woman promised" me -

The Winter which you feared has shrunk the February, which limited Expanse has the enchantment of the last, and is therefore beloved. "But the last Leaf fear to touch," says the consummate Browning -

Tell Katrina about the Buttercups that Emily tills, and the Butterflies Emily chases, not catches, alas, because her Hat is torn - but now half so ragged as her Heart, which is barefoot always -

Vinnie wrote you a few Days since, and is sure if you value her as much as you did in Northampton, you will soon reply!

Love for all but the Rheumatism -

          Emily -

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