letters from dickinson to jane humphrey

Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 3

MANUSCRIPT: Rosenbach 1170/17 (1). Ink. Dated: Amherst May 12 1842. Addressed on the fold: Miss Jane Humphrey/Southwick/Mass. Postmarked: Amherst Ms May 12. Written in pencil, in a different hand, is the draft of the beginning of a letter - possibly Jane's reply: "My very dear Friend/ I Know you are thinking of m[e] (if thinking of me at all) as a very neg[ligent] . . ."

PUBLICATION: George Frisbie Whicher, This Was a Poet (1938) 43-44, in part.

Jane Humphrey had lived with the Dickinsons while she briefly attended Amherst Academy. Sabra Howe, William Washburn, and Charles Richardson were school friends. Jane's sister Helen Humphrey, was one of ED's teachers, and another sister, Mary, was a student at the Academy.

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