letters from dickinson to jane humphrey

12 May 1842

My dear Jane

I have been looking for a letter from you this long time but not receiving any I plucked up all the remaining courage that I had left and determined to make one more effort to write you a few lines - I want to see you very much for I have got a great deal to tell you about school matters - and besides you are one of my dear friends. Sabra has had a beautiful ring given to her by Charles you know who as well as I do - the Examination at Easthampton is today - and Austin is coming home tonight. Father is sick with the Rheumatism and can not go but Mother has gone with somebody else - it is very unpleasant today - it showers most all the time - your sister is very well indeed - I believe she has gone to South hadley this afternoon - I miss you more and more every day, in my study in play at home indeed every where I miss my beloved Jane - I wish you would write to me - I should think more of it than of a mine of gold - when you write me I wish you would write me a great long letter and tell me all the news that you know of - all your friends send a great deal of love to you Austin and William Washburn send their respects to you - this Afternoon is Wednesday and so of course there was Speaking and Composition - there was one young man who read a Composition the Subject was think twice before you speak - he was describing the reasons why any one should do so - one was - if a young gentleman - offered a young lady his arm and he had a dog who had no tail and he boarded at the tavern think twice before you speak. Another is if a young gentleman knows a young lady who he thinks nature has formed to perfection let him remember that roses conceal thorns he is the sillyest creature that ever lived I think. I told him that I thought he had better think twice before he spoke - what good times we used to have jumping into bed when you slept with me. I do wish you would come to Amherst and make me a great long visit - how do you get along in Latin. I am in the class that you used to be in in Latin - besides Latin I study History and Botany I like the school very much indeed - your Sister sends a great deeal of love to all your folks and to every one she knows there - My Plants grow beautifully - you know that elegant old Rooster that Austin thought so much of - the others fight him and killed him - answer this letter as soon as you can - I think of nothing more to say now yours affectionately.


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