Guests in Eden

1944; and ANTOLOGIA DIE ESCRITORES CONTEMPORANECIS DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, edited by Allen Tate and John Peale Bishop, Santiago, Chile, 1944. The three Dickinson poems in this volume: "Astra Castra," "Reason," "I heard a fly buzz when I died," were translated by "Santiago," a nom de plume.

With the publication Of EMILY DICKINSON, CHOIX DE POEMES, by Felix Ansermoz-Dubois, in Geneva, Switzerland, October 31, 1945, (Editions du Continent), "our Emily," as M. Ansermoz­ Dubois calls her, assumes her full stature across the seas. The beautifully printed volume consists of a selection of thirty poems, with a long biographical and critical preface by the author. M. Ansermoz-Dubois has made a fresh and original selection which begins with Emily's RAILWAY TRAIN, and fairly represents the whole range of her work. The French critic says:

"Some of her poems are as stripped as a pharmacist's prescription; others as intangible as soap bubbles. Some are like a little game of the spirit; in others it amused her to draw a picture or place a word in an embroidered frame. On the other hand some are so charged with sustained emotion, so rich of idea and of expression, that one can but say of them that they have 'the highest voltage' of all Anglo-Saxon poetry."

In the turbid atmosphere which has long hovered post­humously over the life and work of Emily Dickinson in her own country, it is a happy matter to have the perspective of a European scholar, an enthusiast of Emily's own spirit.


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