Guests in Eden


(Amherst, Mass.)

This curve of hills confined your view,
   but no horizon bound your verse,
nor hemlock hedge shut in your thoughts
   which lightly roamed the universe.

You told eternity as well
   as time of day upon your clocks
and doled your elfin wisdom out
   in metaphor and paradox.


"JE NE SUIS RIEN . . ."**

Je ne suis rien! Et vous donc?
N'etes-vous rien non plus?
Alors nous serions deux-chut!
S'ils l'apprennent, ils nous banniront.

O l'ennui d'etre quelqu'un!
De la grenouille qui coasse
Ses, vertus au marais pame!

* This poem which was written by Princess Troubetzkoy especially for this brochure was published in the New York Herald Tribune on April 22, 1946.

** The above is the translation of "Iím nobody! Who are you?" as it appears in EMILY DICKINSON, CHOIX DE POEMES by Felix Ansermoz-Dubois (Editions du Continent, Geneva, Switzerland, 1945), the volume mentioned on page 37.

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